Author, illustrator, ebook creator: Nicolas Le Drézen

30 pages


Read the adventures of a boy and his two pets aboard their submarine.
Together they travel across the ocean, meet new friends and help them.
They will come back for more new episodes soon!

This book explains to children about environmental respect and nature protection.

It is also available in French language in read aloud version (narrator’s voice + music and sound effects).

Enhanced book

The app offers a wide variety and freedom in the choice of readings. Reading experience is customizable at will:

- Sound off: Read aloud yourself to your child and turn pages like a typical book

- Or Narrator’s voice on: the book is read aloud, every single word is highlighted as it is pronounced. Pages turn automatically following the speaker’s rhythm.

- Or Music on: You read the story yourself along a soundtrack and sound effects that create the ambience of the story.

- Or Narrator’s voice + Music on: the fullest experience. Reading is automatic: the story is read aloud to your children. Pages automatically turn, words are highlighted and soundtrack and sound effects play along.

How to

The sound functions can be activated separately: the narrator's voice and the soundtrack can be played individually.
You must manually enable them: when the book is open, tap the speaker on the menu at the top right. It allows the read aloud experience to start or the soundtrack to be played. You can also adjust the sound volume.

To stop the narrator’s voice or the soundtrack: tap the screen and choose the speaker menu (top right): the same button stops the reading.


This read aloud version of this ebook has been especially made for the iBookstore.
Full-bleed images are zoomable so you can take a look at details.
All drawing are done with pen on paper. Then they are digitally painted.
The paper texture that can be seen is the real old paper of all original drawings.

An animated trailer has been created to present the characters and the story.